Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arizona Relocation

ARIZONA RELOCATION - What are your "must haves?"

This article was sent to me by a friend in the mortgage industry. It's not an article specifically about relocation, but an interesting look at what people are considering "must have" features in their homes. The survey was conducted by AVID Ratings Co.,which conducts an annual survey of home-buyer preferences. CEO Paul Cardis says these are 10 "must have" features in new homes. This survey is not focused specifically on Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona relocation. Rather, it is a Nationwide survey and here are the direct quotes:

1. Large Kitchens, With an Island
"If you're going to spend design dollars in a home , spend them where people want them -- spend them in the kitchen," Cardis said. Granite countertops are a must for move-up buyers and buyers of custom homes, but for others "they are on the bubble," Cardis said.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances, High-Efficiency Insulation and High Window Efficiency
Among the "green" features touted in real estate, these are the ones home buyers value most, he said. While large windows had been a major draw, energy concerns are giving customers pause on those, he said. The use of recycled or synthetic materials is only borderline desirable.

3. Home Office/Study
People would much rather have this space rather than, say, a formal dining room. "People are feeling like they can dine out again and so the dining room has become tradable," Cardis said. And the home theater may also be headed for the scrap heap, a casualty of the "shift from boom to correction," Cardis said.

4. Main-Floor Master Suite
This is a must feature for empty-nesters and certain other buyers, and appears to be getting more popular in general, he said. That could help explain why demand for upstairs laundries is declining after several years of popularity gains.

5. Outdoor Living Room
The popularity of outdoor spaces continues to grow, even in Canada, Cardis said. And the idea of an outdoor room is even more popular than an outdoor cooking area, meaning people are willing to spend more time outside.

6. Ceiling Fans
(I would consider this one to be specific to Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona relocation :-)

7. Master Suite Soaker Tubs
Whirlpools are still desirable for many home buyers, Cardis said, but "they clearly went down a notch," in the latest survey. Oversize showers with seating areas are also moving up in popularity.

8. Stone and Brick Exteriors
Stucco and vinyl don't make the cut.
(ouch, this one hurts and could aimed specifically at Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona relocation.)

9. Community Landscaping, With Walking Paths and Playgrounds
Forget about golf courses, swimming pools and clubhouses. Buyers in large planned developments prefer hiking among lush greenery.

10. Two-Car Garages
A given at all levels; three-car garages, in which the third bay is more often then not used for additional storage and not automobiles, is desirable in the move-up and custom categories, Cardis said.

In my opinion, people relocating to Phoenix / Scottsdale -- and those relocating across town -- do tend to have some differences in home preferences. Most of my relocation clients have tended to be a little wealthier because they were corporate executives being relocated. My out of state relocations have not been as concerned about items number two, six, and nine. However, they've usually expressed an interest in numbers one, three, four, and the opposite of nine (because they prefer golf course communities). Additionally, most prefer a three car garage.

My clients who have relocated across town are almost always interested in items number one, two, six, nine, and ten with little or no care for items four, five, and seven.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arizona Relocation? Moving to Arizona?

Arizona Relocation? Moving to Arizona?

Your relocation could be motivated by business, family, or personal reasons. The Phoenix - Scottsdale  metropolitan area is a great place for any type of home buying experience and relocation.

The Phoenix, Arizona area is surrounded by mountains, spotted withman-made lakes, and warmed by the sun over 300 days a year.  With the mild winters and the pleasant summers, Phoenix offers vacation visitors an opportunity to purchase a second home or vacation home in Phoenix.

Whether relocating to Phoenix because of a job transfer or moving to Phoenix for personal reasons, buying a home in Phoenix can be a simple and easy process with the proper help and someone to be your guide.